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Why Cargo Bikes?

Because they're awesome! Cargo bikes have been around for 100 years - think butcher's bikes of old. What's really changed the game in recent years is the efficiency, power and reliability of electric motors. With a decade's experience of combining punchy lightweight motors with frames able to carry 200kg, the bikes being made by the most established producers in the business have truly incredible capabilities.

Cardiff Cargo Bikes is proud to be the first dealer in Wales supplying bikes made by one of these industry veterans - "Larry Vs Harry". Read more below about why we love their bikes.

Larry Vs Harry

and their bike: The Bullitt

"Larry Vs Harry" are the Danish creators of the Bullitt, a bike that they have been producing for over 10 years. During this time they have tweaked and re-tweaked the design, and now in combination with the Shimano STEPS motor, they have created a versatile masterpiece.

The Bullitt is adored for being equally comfortable on the school run or doing a day of deliveries. It is nimble, light and responsive. Available with low-maintenance internal gearing, or more 'sporty' external gearing there is a setup for everyone.

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About Cardiff Cargo Bikes

" I've always thought bikes are a great way to get around. I started riding as a teenager to get to school and back independently, and to help me stay healthy. To this day I don't have a gym membership.

When I got my dog, Maris (so called as he looked like a potato when he was a tiny puppy!), I wanted to be able to take him for walks further afield without driving. After a lot of research I settled on a Bullitt - a Danish bike made by Larry Vs Harry. Maris and I haven't looked back. The joy it brings people we pass seeing a happy fluffy dog on a bike is such a pleasure! "

Dave - Owner

So in Spring 2022, Cardiff Cargo Bikes will be opening, and bringing this pleasure to families and businesses in Cardiff.

See More Info for details and news

Why others love their Bullitts

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"One minute I can be taking my kids on the morning drop off and the next I can be doing my weekly grocery shop with as much space as a small hatchback. I can talk with the kids as we explore and can go further with them on their bikes. If they get tired, I strap the bikes on and they can have a rest and a snack."

Stu, Creator of the Madjax Child Seat Box

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If you want to find out more about Cardiff Cargo Bikes, arrange a test ride on a Bullitt, or have any other questions, please use the form below to get in touch

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