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Why Cargo Bikes?

Because they're awesome! Cargo bikes have been around for 100 years - think butcher's bikes of old. What's really changed the game in recent years is the efficiency, power and reliability of electric motors. With a decade's experience of combining punchy lightweight motors with frames able to carry 180kg or more, the bikes being made by the most established producers in the business have truly incredible capabilities.

Cardiff Cargo Bikes is proud to be the first dealer in Wales supplying bikes made by one of these industry veterans - "Larry Vs Harry". Read more here about why we love their bikes.

About Cardiff Cargo Bikes

Dave, owner

Cardiff Cargo Bikes was borne out of passion, and out of urgency. Cargo bikes are being adopted around the world as a solution to a variety of problems - how to move people and things in cities without polluting the air we breathe and contributing to climate change; a desire to enable clean and safe public spaces in cities where people can meet and communities can flourish. 

While cars are fantastic tools for many jobs, unfortunately they do pollute, and even electric cars contribute a lot to climate change due to the carbon embedded in their manufacture, and the particles released as tyres wear.  There is also the issue of safety - how often do you hear people reminisce about playing in the streets when they were younger? Something unimaginable for children today. The value of cargo bikes to be part of the solution for sustainable cities has been well demonstrated. 

Cardiff Cargo Bikes is here to enable these solutions, with a workshop equipped to deal with both regular and cargo bikes, and cargo bikes for sale.

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If you want to get your bike serviced, hire a cargo bike, arrange a test ride on a Bullitt, or have any other questions, please use the form below to get in touch

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