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More About Cardiff Cargo Bikes

If you want to keep up to date with the goings on of Cardiff Cargo Bikes, be sure to give us a follow on social media. We'll keep this page up to date for those who want to get down to the nitty gritty.

Our mission:

Cardiff Cargo Bikes is excited to be joining the community of independent bike shops and workshops that already exists in Cardiff. It has been founded with passion and excitement for the potential of Cargo bikes in Cardiff.  We think a lot of people can see the benefits quite intuitively - better physical and mental health, less pollution, and being able to avoid congested roads and car parks. Especially in a flat city like Cardiff it makes a lot of sense to use a bike instead of car for those short trips, which is becoming easier and easier as the cycleways are expanding.

We also believe that when it comes to making decisions about an investment in something as valuable as a cargo bike that you need confidence: honest no nonsense advice, a friendly face, and prompt help in case problems arise - no automated phone menus here.

So that is our mission: Help you to bring the Cargo bike to Cardiff

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What we can do for you

Here at Cardiff Cargo Bikes we embrace the philosophy of small and mighty. There is no flashy shopfront; we will operate from a workshop that can service the bikes you buy from us.

We have chosen to focus on the Bullitt made by Larry Vs Harry because of it's many strengths, and because it's not available to buy at any bike shops in Wales, which quite frankly is scandalous! Electrified Bullitts start at £5906, and come with a variety of components and accessories that can be tailored to your needs - it's best to talk about what these are, so please use the contact form. For an overview, you can Get to know the Bullitt here.

We recommend you team up with the Green Commute Initiative to help you save up to 47% on the RRP of a bike. They run an excellent cycle to work scheme with no £1000 limit, and also run an 'Instant' scheme for companies who don't usually offer cycle to work schemes, which enables you to make the saving, and also means the company saves money - it's a win-win.

Below are some of the brands that we'll be working with. Check back find out who we've added as this will be a growing list. And if you're wondering about a particular brand, please just ask.

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...and many more

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