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eCargo Bike + Trailer Hire

If you are a business, community group or family in Cardiff that has things to do or stuff to deliver, and you are wondering about how to do this sustainably, then look no further! If you want to save money - even better news!

Cardiff Cargo Bikes has partnered with FOR Cardiff, Cardiff Council, and Pedal Power to provide a range of options to suit your needs, and open your eyes to the possibilities afforded by eCargo bikes.

Book your rental now! Get in touch to find out about availability.


FOR Cardiff members are even more lucky!  The opportunity to bring a Carla Cargo Trailer to Cardiff would now have happened without the support of FOR Cardiff. As a thank-you, FOR Cardiff members can access discounted hire rates.


Raleigh Pro eCargo Bike

Cardiff Cargo Bikes has worked with Child Friendly Cardiff on behalf of Cardiff City Council to make this fantastic Raleigh eCargo bike available to hire. It can carry 80kg of cargo in it's lockable 400L fibreglass box, and has a trailer hitch mounted. A week's Rental is £70.


Carla Cargo Trailer

Cardiff Cargo Bikes has partnered with FOR Cardiff to bring this Carla Cargo Trailer to Cardiff - the first of it's kind in the city. With a payload of 200kg, and 1,150L of space to work with you can do some serious shifting! And if you're moving quickly, the over-run brakes mean you will stop quickly if needed. Serious kit! A week's hire is £70. FOR Cardiff Members Discount: £50 per week.


C-C-C-COMBO Rentals

Trailer + Raleigh Pro eCargo Bike

£120 per week

FOR Cardiff Discount rate - £100 per week

Trailer + Tern GSD eUtility Bike

£120 per week

FOR Cardiff Discount rate - £100 per week

The Tern GSD, pictured below, is a workhorse bike, capable of carrying 200kg (including the rider), or in this case, towing an enormous trailer!

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