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Get to Know The Bullitt
by Larry Vs Harry

"Larry Vs Harry" are the Danish creators of the Bullitt, a bike that they have been producing for over 10 years. During this time they have tweaked and re-tweaked the design, and now in combination with the Shimano STEPS motor, they have created a versatile masterpiece.

The Bullitt is adored for being equally comfortable on the school run or doing a day of deliveries. It is nimble, light and responsive. Available with low-maintenance internal gearing, or more 'sporty' external gearing there is a setup for everyone.


The Bullitt, comes in one shape and soon: two sizes. The  original Bullitt, and the Bullitt X. There are a range of setups to suit all needs.


Up front the versatile cargo area can be equipped with a sturdy box for deliveries, a child seat, or just a base board. Between the pedals is the Shimano STePS motor - which comes in two formats. Behind the pedals some prefer the convenience and lower maintenance of a belt drive. Others prefer the familiarity of a derailleur gear system.

Take a look at how to choose your Bullitt, and get in touch for any advice or further details.

Step 1: Choose a size

The Bullitt, or the Bullitt X?

Building on the success of the original Bullitt, Larry Vs Harry decided 2022 was the year to release a larger version aimed at professionals and businesses. This will be 'acoustic' initially; an electric version is expected soon.

For frame colours, please see the colour strip on the 'More Info' page here.

Step 2: Choose your motor

E6100 or EP8?

There are two motor options both made by Shimano - a world leading bike component manufacturer. Both very capable, the EP8 can produce more torque than the the E6100. So if you intend to regularly carry heavy equipment and contend with steep hills, you may want to consider this more expensive option.

Yellow Ext empty.jpg

Step 3: Choose your transmission + gearing

Internal or External gearing?

External gearing is the most common gearing that you see on bikes in the UK. It does have advantages - it's the most efficient way to transfer power from pedal and motor to the back wheel with near instant shifting. However, it does require more maintenance - the oil allows dirt build up, and components will wear affecting performance. So most cargo bikes have internal gearing, which can be set up with automatic shifting - one less thing to think about with cargo on board! And for minimal maintenance, a belt drive can replace the chain. No more oily hands!


Up Front

Accessories for your cargo area

The uses of the Bullitt are limited only by your imagination. Well not quite, but it is easily adapted to a large range of needs. We can supply your Bullitt with a range of options up front. Larry Vs Harry have a number of their own accessories, and we have also been working with fabricators within the UK to provide accessories that are a little more economical, without sacrificing quality.

Blue Bullitt.jpg

The Bottom Line

What does it add up to?

There has recently been a huge drop in the price of Bullitts, with a eBike model + everything you need to get riding starting from £4250! That's nearly £2k less, thanks to the fact we now purchase direct from the manufacturer. For a full quote including cargo accessories, please get in touch.

We know it's a lot, but DON'T FORGET we are working with the Green Commute Initiative, which means you can save around 30-40% from RRP, split the cost over at least a year, and your employer saves money too! And businesses - the entire cost can be accounted for as an Annual Investment Allowance.

Please note:

Gearing - All gearing uses Shimano's digital shifting technology Di2

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Why others love their Bullitts
Madjax box with Kids.webp

"One minute I can be taking my kids on the morning drop off and the next I can be doing my weekly grocery shop with as much space as a small hatchback. I can talk with the kids as we explore and can go further with them on their bikes. If they get tired, I strap the bikes on and they can have a rest and a snack."

Stu, Creator of the Madjax Child Seat Box

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