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Although we're known for cargo bikes, we service all sorts.  The workshop is open Thursday to Sunday, and both Andrew and Dave are always happy for you to drop in for advice.

Here is a list of available services, and prices. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and some jobs will fall outside these categories. If you're not sure whether the job you have in mind fits into one of these categories, please get in touch.

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Please note service prices not not include the cost of parts. Prices include VAT.


Check Up

£ Free

If you're not sure what your bike needs, arrange to pop by, and we can do a quick assessment and safety check.

Basic Service


An MOT for your bike. Safety check, gear and break adjustment, check all nuts and bolts are tightened (torqued) appropriately, chain lubricated, adjust headset/ hubs/ bottom bracket. Recommendations on further work needed. Your bike as good as it can be without removing or fitting parts.

Intensive Service

£90 (+£40 for trikes)

Everything in basic service + more. Wheels trued and tensioned, drivetrain cleaned and relubed, derraileur aligned, seatpost relubed. Steerer arm adjusted for cargo bikes. Labour included for fitting - chain, derrailuer, cables, brake pads, brakes bled. If you have work done as recommended it'll be a joy to ride.

Small Job

£ 15

Puncture repair for easy to remove wheels, adjustments without removing parts -  gears, headset, hubs or brakes. Fit new brake pads or a single cable.

Done while you wait. Jobs that take around 15-20mins.

Medium Job


Installation of simple parts such as new set of pads or cables. Puncture repair for more complicated wheels such as internally geared hubs, service headset or hub, spoke replacement, hydraulic brake service etc. Jobs take 30-40mins.

Tricky Job


Takes about an hour. Eg servicing neglected hydraulic brakes; or removing the old, reaming, facing the frame and installing a new bottom bracket. 

Deep Dive Service

Starting From £200

Full strip and rebuild. Hubs/headset/bottom bracket bearings replaced, disk brakes bled, cables replaced.


Bikes Bought Here

All Bullitts bought at Cardiff Cargo Bikes are encouraged to return for a 6 week checkup, and get a free Standard Service at 6 months.

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