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Cargo Bikes
for Sale

Elite Cargo Bikes for keen bikers, and heavy use. If you cycle for pleasure as well as utility, this is the bike for you. Larry Vs Harry have managed to make a bike that is fun and lively, as well as incredibly durable an practical. 



Another Danish workhorse. The long models can carry as many as 6 kids, and come with a reliable Shimano Steps motor, and hydraulic disk brakes. Get in touch to discuss your perfect solution.

Screenshot 2023-07-05 203104.png

The Veloe Multi is an incredible bike. A rock solid frame that can carry 200kg of rider and cargo or kids, equipped with an industry leading motor from Shimano or Bosch, and a wide variety of bespoke accessories.  Starting from £3,879, or less with Green Commute Initiative!

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